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The hourly rate for our non-member customers is $5 an hour and for our members it is $4 an hour.  Our membership is a one time payment of $10, and that gets you the permanent lower hourly rate, as well as a custom lanyard which is used to access our unique EXP system.  Our system was designed for you and just to simply reward our longtime members for their time that they’ve spent and shared with us.  To explain it simply, when you purchase ANYTHING in-store such as; Game-Time, Membership Passes, Snacks and Beverages, Signing up for any of our ESPORTS events, etc.. you will earn experience points, and eventually LEVEL UP and earn rewards!

-Current Deals-

Members Holiday Pass: $16 for 6 hours(Same day use only) 1600 EXP
Members All Day Pass: $25 for all day(Same day  use only) 2500 EXP
Refer-a-friend: (They create a membership) 500 EXP
Members Weekly Check-In
15% Boba Hut Discount